Embertone - Friedlander Violin

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June 2014
We locked Dovid in the studio to record some
stunning new samples (see below for details), and have been hard at work integrating the 800+ MB of sample content back into the instrument. The new features represent a huge transformation for the instrument - so... buckle in and discover what this violin can do!

Extensively sampled, living solo violin
Watermarked for protection
Kontakt/Kontakt Player 5.3.1+ required
Bow change + slur "true" legato
Full vibrato control
Staccatos RR X 8, 4 dynamic layers
Control the instrument with you tablet!
This is a KONTAKT PLAYER release, which means that you don't need to purchase any additional software to load this instrument!
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Bow Position Color Morphing

Live string players produce a huge spectrum of tone colors by choosing where their bow goes between the bridge and fingerboard. We have found a way to give you that control as well!

Bug Fixes / Under-the-hood Enhancements

• Some nasty notes have been repaired
• Aftertouch works! Finally!
• Hundreds of new, cleaner staccato samples
• Across-the-board tuning adjustments
• Updated and adjusted all of the EQ's

Flexible (and moveable) Keyswitches

• Pressing a key-switch hard results in a permanent switch. Let go and the new articulation remains active
• Pressing a key-switch softly results in a momentary switch. Let go and the prior articulation resumes
• Don’t like where we mapped keyswitches? No prob. You can shift them around to fit your workflow
• That lock on the front page of the GUI turns this on/off

Improved Vibrato

Each note has been individually adjusted with a specific EQ response for vibrato - based on reference recordings from Dovid.

Better Legato Performance

• Friedlander Violin’s legato is now “VSL style”, which means that playing in a legato style is a bit easier than it used to be
• Prior notes of a melody are now retriggered if held down
• This lets you play trills with ease - simply hold down the first note while playing the destination trill note repeatedly
• We went through every single sample to make sure that the legatos are as even and uniform as possible. What that means for you is that legato transitions are perfectly timed!

800+ MB in new sample content

Pizzicato - 4X round robin, 4 dynamics including bartok pizzes!
Sordino + Sul Pont is available for all articulations
Sul tasto - performed on the fingerboard
Immediate attack sustains - not harsh, not “normal” attacks
“Emo” attack sustains - an emotional swell into each new sustain

Improved Dynamic Response ppp --> ff

With the upgrade, the dynamics controller has a much wider range... from the quietest ppp all the way up to a ballsy fortissimo!

New GUI Controls

Responsiveness - you can control the legato’s responsiveness… as this value goes up, it alters the start point of each legato transition, giving you a faster transition (at the expense of the full legato sample).
Transition Attenuation - if you find that any transitions are sticking out, or you want to de-emphasize the effect of an individual set of legato transitions, this knob will do just that! The higher the value, the more accentuated the momentary dip in volume will be.
True Legato - For those who don't need true legato, clicking this button will bring your memory consumption waaaay down, leaving the rest of the articulations to enjoy.
Ensemble Randomization - one can now randomize the timing for the ensemble. This way, if the tightness of the group is 80 ms, you can randomize THAT value by a degree so that every note’s timing is just a little bit different among the virtual players.

Memory/CPU Improvements

• Even with all of the new content, the instrument carries a smaller memory footprint, AND is more efficient on your CPU than the prior version!
• You now can purge the legato transitions if you aren't using them, freeing up a lot of memory while giving you access to all the other articulations!