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Note: we suggest the 16-bit version
Welcome to cello town…
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Virtual violin heaven!
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This is what it's like to be Sexy Sax Man...
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Kalimba + Tomato Paste Can = <3
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An authentic Irish Whistle that will send you straight to Bag End
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5 drums, multiple mic positions, customizable humanized arpeggiator
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An obsessively sampled toy piano - programming it almost killed us.
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A Squeezy toy giraffe, perhaps our finest instrument :)
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Drumming on big water jugs = fun AND awesome
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Tenor recorder with an extended range, very natural legato.
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Highly flexible legato/staccato trumpet. True legato.
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Cross mutant bell/caterpillar. Very responsive instrument.
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String quartet playing legato transitions in unison. True legato.
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A simple, earthy flute made out of hemlock reed. True legato.
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Yep, like from Zelda. Discrete 2X round robin sampling, true legato
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