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Here's a fun little sale to celebrate the release of our Friedlander Violin 1.5 Upgrade... a MAJOR overhaul of the instrument! Until Sunday June 15th, our Blakus Cello (1.0) and Friedlander Violin 1.5 will be on sale for $99 each.

There's more great stuff on the way --- STAY TUNED!

<3 always,

Alex and Jon
Friedlander Vln (16-bit)
Friedlander Vln (24-bit)
Blakus Cello (16-bit)
Blakus Cello (24-bit)

We suggest the 16-bit version. Not only will it save you a lot of RAM, but also the difference in quality is negligible AT BEST!
For those who strongly want those 24-bit samples, we've adjusted the price to recoup the extra bandwidth costs. Thank you for understanding!